Why The Dr Tony Xia And Dwight Yorke Are Wrong

Saying that the Championship is a very easy league, isn’t an honest statement to declare when we’re talking about Aston Villa in its current form. It’s all well and good to be talking about having a positive outlook, but not if our reality can’t live up to that statement.

Villa has spent a lot of money recently, but that doesn’t always give you success, unless the players that you are buying are top class and more importantly, they want to come to your club. Can we say in all honesty, that most of our squad is of a Premier League quality?

With all the big changes Aston Villa has gone through recently, I think to give the Villa fans an unrealistic view of the Championship could end in a negative outcry, if it looks like we’re not going to gain automatic promotion or get into the playoffs.

It’s easy for a player like Dwight Yorke to say the Championship is “very easy,” of course it’s easy when you’re as wonderfully gifted as what he was! Villa would love to sign players with quality of a Dwight Yorke, which is why it’s important that we sign John Terry, it will make our promotion charge a little easier.

I don’t agree with our owner Dr Tony backing up Dwight’s statement. Unless the Tony is willing to really put his hand in his pocket and buy our way out of this league, with, the kind of money that many top footballers would find it hard to turn down, I really don’t know why he would agree with him. Getting out of the Championship really won’t be easy and I don’t think that’s a negative thing to say, it’s an honest and realistic thing to say. UTV

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  1. I think you are wrong, we have spent a lot of money on players who all have experience of the championship and most of them have promotion experience also, man for man we have one of the best, if not the best squads in the division, it should be a breeze for them! Yorke is right and we see it every game, negative attitude, nervy on the ball, mistakes happen and ironically we justify this ‘tough league’ mentality with a defeat to weaker opposition… Kodjia, McCormack, Hogan are capable of around 50-60 goals between them and have proven that before they came to the inherent doom and gloom mentality instilled at Villa Park by the Lerner era. So I fully back Dr X’s approval, we need to change the attitude at our club, we are Aston Villa and we should be dominating this league!

  2. It should be easy given the amount of money Xi has already made available. Bruce does not know how to produce a team capable of scoring goals, Hogan looks like a pub player. With Calderwood as coach in addition to “lets win 1 -0” Bruce, i cannot see us going anywhere. Dont give him anymore money!!!

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