Villa Fans Hating On Villa Players

What is it about Villa fans having to hate on a certain individual at Villa lately? At the moment, Glenn Whelan seems to be the chosen one for some Villa fan animosity, and for what? It’s not as if he’s been one of the worst players at the Villa, or am I seeing something different?

Alan Hutton has had his fair share of hatred from a core of the Villa faithful, most of it comes from Villa fans on social media, but you rarely hear the Villa supporters complaining about them at Villa Park! Hutton as well as Whelan are not by any stretch world-beaters, but they’re not as bad as some might say.

There have been many cases in the past where a Villa player has been the target of some unfair abuse, and I just don’t get it! If a player isn’t good enough, have we the right to say so? Yes of course we have! What about if he’s had a bad match? Yes again! But we don’t have the right to abuse someone just because we don’t like him!

I truly believe that some of this hatred pointed at whomever they wish to hate, is actually because they hate them, and not because of their footballing ability. We should leave it to the manager to come to the conclusion whether they’re good for the first team or not. Like I said, we have a right to voice our opinions on all things Villa, but this latest phenomenon of hating on a particular Villa player, mainly comes from a core of Villa fans on the internet, then it snowballs, then the Villa sheep follow, then it becomes something it shouldn’t. It really needs to stop, but it won’t. UTV

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  1. So-called Birmingham supporters try to create mischief by pretending to be Villa fans on social media and slagging off the players. No true Villa fan who attends matches regularly will ever criticise players who give 100% for the Claret and Blues.

  2. I think it’s fair to pass comment, positive or negative, as a true fan of Villa, even on the abilities of those players who look as though they’re giving 100 er cent.

    If you take Gabby and Bjarnasson as examples, it is reasonable to doubt their actual footballing skill, as neither have shown too much of that when playing this season, or in Gabby’s case for a long long time. As far as Whelan is concerned, he is sorely underrated by fans but then so is just about every player in his unsung hero role, where every mistake is amplified and most of the good work goes unnoticed by the less aware. No, criticism can be fair or unfair but it doesn’t mean you are a hater or a bluenose because you give your opinion that a Villa player despite giving his all isn’t good enough to be anywhere near the team.

    On a truly positive note, it’s great to see Bruce showing a spark of realisation after the derby, that we are a better team with two up front. I hope he’s written it down. UTV!

    • I’d also add that hate is a very strong word, do you really think any villa fans ‘hate’ Whelan? They’re frustrated with his inability to move the ball quickly and his passing yes and rightly so but I certainly wouldn’t class that as ‘hating’ him. Sorry to be pedantic but the article is clearly more sensationalist than it needs to be

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