Steve Bruce To Get The Sack

There are a lot of Villa fans that would like that. To sack Steve Bruce now would be a huge mistake in my opinion. Like Steve said himself when answering questions from BBC WM Sport, if we are still playing like this ten games in, “he’ll know what the consequences are.” So I say, let’s give him ten games and then make a decision on whether he should stay or go.

Me personally, I’d give him longer. Villa are still damage goods, and we can’t shake off the past bad mismanagement of our club. It’s like we have some sort of mental health condition that looks like it should be easy to address, but it isn’t. The scars of Randy Lerner’s time in charge of Aston Villa are cut deep into the soul of our troubled football club, and it seems to radiate out towards anyone that should join her. Aston Villa is in a deep dark depression, and we don’t know which way to turn.

Listening to Steve Bruce’s interview on the radio yesterday, you could clearly hear that he is a troubled man; so let’s say that in 10 games time, he hasn’t turned things around, whom do we bring in then? It just doesn’t feel right to posing this question, as I think Bruce is a man of honour, coupled with a very good track record of getting Championship sides back into the Premier League, the kind of candidate that the Doctor will probably look for if he should sack him.

Just a cautionary note, if Steve Bruce doesn’t turn it around in ten or twelve games and the doctor sacks him, then it’s back to square one! And with a new manager in, you can add another two years onto the three years that I predicted it would take for us to get back into the Premier League when we were relegated. There is no easy way out of this situation, and if the fans get what they want and Steve Bruce goes in a few months time, then at some point, we have to give the next manager times to get things right, no matter how long it takes.

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  1. Blimey, that’s a poor choice of headline, even though it’ll be factually correct eventually.
    It suggests you know something and is pure clickbait.

  2. What are you talking about give him 10 games, I would give him Tuesday night if we don’t win that then he must go. What has a man of honour got to do with it, We need a hard ruthless manager 10 games will be too late and if we don’t get promotion this season we will loose several players including Kodjia and Villa will be in the lower leagues for years to come, so get real, things have to change right away.

    • Who is this ruthless manager you mention ? We are a club in pieces stop living in the past. Consistency is key here , not changing managers like its a magic potion to fix things. A new manager will need time and money to rebuild his own team , no self respecting manager will touch the club without a guarantee of spending ability to build their own team. That will mean for sure we spend another year or 2 in the championship.This is not football manager. Newcastle were bottom of the league this time last year ,so they should have sacked Raffa who went on to lead them to promotion by your logic anyway

  3. I would give him till mid November at least. If Bruce can’t turn it round after 2 transfer windows of bringing in his own players then we won’t attract anyone who can. Sacking him will mean starting again, again!

  4. He should go now. What if they win a boring lacklustre 1-0. It still means he has to go. His ignoring midfield creativity. Favouriing players who have no business on the pitch. Ridiculous analysis. Time is up.

    • and then what..get who in?Problem with most of the clubs fanbase is the lack of football education and seem to think a magic button exists to fix this.There is none.
      Also we have no more money to spend none zippo zilch.A new manager will want funds and a new team to be built.Magic beans wont cut it in the real world outside your bedroom. We are 2 games into the season so calm yourself.Dave o Leary was spot on ..a fickle bunch.

  5. calm down newcastle wewre bottom of the championship last year at this time ! yes we were bad a cardiff adomah , gabby, shouldnt have been on the pitch lansbury needs to wake up ! hourihane hourihane needs a run , hogan needs the ball fed in the right place not booted up 8ft in the air ? we need a settled side , the only light was ohare lets give the kids a go mixed with the old heads , hurry up back jedanek and kodlja will look a lot better in a few months time wait and see

  6. i dont think bruce will last long.
    we have signed a whole slew of mediocre players , and no strikers , only kodjia and adhoma are prem material .
    agbonlahor could do a useful job wide left but bruce isnt getting them to perform.
    unless we get forwards who can score ie snodgrass , think we will be in bottom six at xmas.

  7. I agree with this article, sacking Bruce is NOT the answer guys, lets face it, Di Matteo came in the summer, spent millions on about 11 players, after 13 games or so was sacked, then Bruce came in to Di Matteo’s squad, didn’t like it and signed 8 players in January, then another 6 so far this summer. I am as frustrated and angry as the rest of the fans at our results, but what do we do? Sack Bruce after 3 games!? For what? To bring a new manager who doesn’t like Bruce’s squad and has to shift out and re-recruit all over again!? Please!! I don’t like how we are playing, but to start all over with 2 weeks transfer window remaining and no money thanks to FFP makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and will only take the club back a step YET AGAIN. We are in transition, just get behind the team and manager and ride it out, the good times will return eventually

  8. I think we should bring back Martin ‘O Neil.. we only ever played well under him and I know we will come back up, he will sure up the defence and we will score so many goals..

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