Steve Bruce Comes Out Fighting And Keinan Davis Terrorises The Norwich Defence

It’s good to hear Steve Bruce firing back at the Villa fans that have given him a hard time on social media after just three games. Regardless that he was here for a large part of last season, he should be judged on what he does from the beginning of this new season. To suggest that he’s ready to be sacked from his post after only three games is ludicrous, so to hear him come out fighting against his detractors pleases me. I hope he continues to put whomever in their place if the reaction is over the top. Like a naughty child, some Villa fans need to be told when they’re being unruly.

Remember the first game of the 2009/10 season when we played Wigan and lost 0-2? Yes, that’s right, there were many idiotic Villa fans that booed the team that day at the final whistle, and that’s when Martin O’Neill was in-charge! So you see what you’re up against here Steve. If the Villa fans are going to boo O’Neill (whom some fans wanted as your replacement) after one game, then they’re definitely going to be on your back after three.

Talking to Villa fans after yesterday’s match, quite a few were disappointed with the team’s performance in the second half, saying that Bruce had ordered his side to sit deep and defend our two-goal advantage! Well, I don’t believe this to be true, with my own eyes, I saw a team that was 0-2 down trying to get back into the match, you know, the opposition will attack us sometimes. Hutton was having a hard time with their winger Murphy in the second half, so Bruce sub him with Bree, and it was the right decision, so how about we give him a little credit for that.

But what about that hat trick from Conor Hourihane yesterday, amazing! I actually gave him the man of the match, sorry Conor, but on reflection, I think it should go to the young lad Keinan Davis, and here’s why. I really believe that this nineteen-year-old lad terrorised the Norwich defence and holding midfielders, not only with his physical presence that he has, but his skill level that really excited me, but gave them cause for concern. Sorry Conor, your goals were absolutely brilliant, but if it wasn’t for Davis terrorising the Norwich defence, then maybe things could have been slightly different.

Just to reiterate what I’ve said and passed posts on my blog, I believe that Steve Bruce is the right man for the job, and given time, he will come right. UTV

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  1. i wonder how this came about after our previous abject performances.

    how we can score four goals after many goal shy games is beyond me.


    more likely a very poor norwich defence .

    we still conceded 2 goals , usually enough to lose .

    i predict a bottom 6 finish unless we get another capable striker .

    • You can’t have seen the match if you think that was luck. We have one of the best squads In The championship and there is 0 chance of us being bottom 6. There is no championship team with better striking options than us

  2. Glenn, I am with you on this, the change in the performance from Villa was fantastic. Nice one to Bruce and the team and really credible efforts from all and we could have had 3 more goals with a bit of luck. I love what Hutton has done the last few years, gets stuck in, but it is his time to go? He plays with his heart on his sleeve but too slow and picking up too many cards, when Bree came on yesterday there was life on the right. Keinan Davies one of our own and has now made his mark, nice one son. Hourihane thank you and carry on please, nice to see a hat trick at Villa Park. Attack Villa, attack, attack, attack and Steve Bruce is the only manager that can get us out of this league, apparently Graham Taylor didn’t get a win in the first 7 games last time we where here so let’s give Bruce the chance, done it before etc. Come on you Villa boys.

  3. I agree with giving Bruce a chance however I am worried that it seems Davis only started because all our other strikers were injured otherwise it would have been Gabby up front. So was it luck (the line up not the result)? I know we shouldn’t assume 1 good game (by Davis) means he is a world beater but he brings something none of our other strikers do. He can actually hold up the ball and bring midfielders in to play. Hogan is strong but likes to run on to a pass. Gabby (at his best) runs the channels and chases long balls. Kodija is a skilful, individual goal scorer. RHM is fast and nippy and a finisher. Davis (and Gallaher if we sign him) can change the way we play to allow our talented midfielders (yes we might have forgotten we have good attaching options in mf) and should play whenever possible either on their own up front or as part of a pair. Otherwise we will go back to dour defensive football where our midfielders and full backs get pinned back defending.

    I am also a little concerned that in the 2 away games particularly we were so poor and seemed to have no plan or shape (even taking in to account the point made above). Bruce can moan about trolls all he likes and while it was too early after 3 games to call for his sacking he had many games last year as well and he shouldn’t have allowed a team to be so bad against very moderate opposition so it’s right people called him out over it.

    We have very good players, Bruce needs to make sure we play consistently well or at least don’t dip to the abject levels we saw against Cardiff when we have the odd inevitable bad game

    Up the Villa

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