Sheffield Wednesday is One Of Those Teams That Everyone Dislikes

You know when you’ve got that team that you just don’t like? Well, Sheffield Wednesday is one of those teams for me. Firstly, I’ve never seen such a dump of a city in my whole life;) it’s a cold grey concrete jungle of a place even when the sunshine’s, and some of the people there are the most arrogant and self-righteous buffoons you’re ever likely to meet.

Look, I’m not a bitter man most of the time, but I once had an incident with a Wednesday fan some years ago, and it’s because of that one dipstick I’m going to bloody well generalise and stick you all in the same boat as that one idiot! It’s because of him I feel like this, so blame him! If Villa can get a win tomorrow, and I believe we can, it will put us one point behind those Neanderthals up tut north where it’s dangerous to go out after 4pm. I’ve never wanted to win a match so much!

Wednesday have always played second fiddle to Sheffield United;) they are more evolved than their smelly uneducated neighbours Wednesday! If we can just beat them, then we’ll be making one half of their city happy at least. So come on Villa, let’s do this one for the city of Birmingham, West Ham United and more importantly, our great club Aston Villa. UTV

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  1. You moron, Sheffield is the greenist city in the country, it was Sheffield United that were relegated by West ham United, arrogant and thick from people who think they are the second city, when everybody knows its Manchester, and your accent is the joke of Europe.

  2. Strange article, West Ham? I like Sheffield, good away day and plenty of boozers. One idiot shouldnt make you dislike a city, we’ve got plenty of idiot fans and they sometime embarrass me to hell. I’ve always classed Wednesday a bigger team than Sheff Utd (no disrespect).

    • Two minutes of my life I won’t get back…1) Birmingham much closer to you is THE concrete jungle 2) Every fan base has its morons. 3) Sheff Wed is a bigger, more successful club than Sheffield United….Snooze off.

  3. Living proof that more funds are needed in the nhs….obviously the poor fella is not taking enough of the right tablets .
    By the way if you fancy a disgusting second hand mattress then just have a stroll around villa park there are several to choose from on show in the area.

  4. Some advice for the writer:
    Hit the weights
    Take a shower
    Gain height
    Have sex
    Comb your neckbeard
    Sort out your halitosis
    Get a clue

  5. Sheffield’s a dump?! It’s the greenest city in Europe and compared to Birmingham, it’s a stunningly green utopia. It’s much much nicer than Birmingham of all places!

    Plus even United fans would agree that historically Wednesday is the bigger and more successful club in Sheffield.

  6. Best thing about this article are the comments. Sheffield is known as the largest village in the UK, due to the friendliness of the locals…. I sincerely hope there’s a large tongue in your cheek

  7. So sorry you feel this way, I do worry about your mental health status
    Sheffield is the greenest city in Britain, set in the beautiful Peak district and have the warmest, funniest, caring people.
    I don’t hate villa, I have no feelings at all for villa which is a bigger insult than showing feelings even if they are negative.
    It’s a shame you live in Wolves’s shadow and it must hurt to see them 4 points clear at the top of the table.
    I spent my free time volunteering at the special olympics based in Sheffield this summer and to see the sportsmanship, humour and passion shown by the althletes and the volunteers put you to shame man.
    I hope you grow up soon for the sake of your family and friends (if you have any).
    Win or lose today, I will still support my team 100%, still turn up for every game because I love SWFC and don’t spend my energy slagging off another team and their supporters.
    Up the Owls.

  8. I hope this idiot isn’t an example of the people of Birmingham what a complete nut job,this game has Wednesday written all over it bang your home on it at 5/2.

  9. Sheffield may have it’s faults – but clearly Birmingham has too. The water pipes in this blogger’s house still seem to have lead in them.

  10. What a full weight moron you are pal! UTO… FTB… and now FTV!!!! Most factually incorrect price of sh*t post ever to grace the internet.

  11. To the writer of this post, you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. Firstly, Sheffield is a very green city with plenty of trees and surrounding countryside. It has 2 universities which bring people from around the world and the UK here. The people are down to earth and friendly, any gloominess or over cautious view on life comes from the historical downfall of the steel industry and mixed economic fortunes for the city since then. Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United are very similar in size and national stature who have both suffered from languishing in the lower leagues for over a decade. Your overgeneralisation based on an experience with ONE Owl’s fan is not rational so goodday to you and may some good rationale come your way.

  12. Haha says Sheffield is a dump u seen Birmingham there’s nothing there apart from asylum seekers and drug dealers yh Sheffield is shit to but atleast acknowledge your ground and city is as big a shit hole aswell

  13. Here’s a thought: Blogs are best written by intelligent people with something worthwhile to say.

    Best close yours down, sonny.

  14. Selling your site? The price just went down. A its a few morons on here answered your bile with more of exactly the same ill informed trie but, there’s no way to defend you. You’re not going to be missed now, sad that you chose such a witless way to end things. UTV!

    I won’t be back.

  15. I’d like to think this is only to get a rise, if not, I feel sorry for your long, obstacle laden slog of a miserable life your not going to fulfil.
    As a great man once said “I PITY THE FOOL”

  16. Haha ….the season Aston villa were getting relegated from the premier I was at their academy towards the end if the season , I was talkin to a steward there, explaining that although my grandson was playin for Sheffield U****d he was in fact a wednesdayite ….oh yeah he says what league are they in ?
    Well for the second season running pal I think u know ….idiot

  17. Ha ha ha…… Brummies having the temerity to suggest Sheffield (the greenest City in England) is a dump. Have you ever lifted your gaze from the pavement long enough to look around you and notice what a shithole Birmingham is…. and Villa Park in particular. Oh the irony! Thank God you and your unimportant “blog” carries no bearing whatsoever….. Hope you enjoyed Saturday you Clown. 😏

  18. Looks like you made yourself look like a proper villa fan there mate.
    The game was Wednesdays all day long and i picked up a proper wedge from Mr Coral.

  19. Ha, ha, ha!!
    What a thunder cunt.
    Get your facts right dick head.
    Hope you didn’t cry too much on 18 seconds… BOOM!!

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