Joey Barton To Aston Villa

joey-bartonJoey Barton is a free agent after being released from his contract with the Scottish giants Glasgow Rangers. A few Villa fans that I’ve spoken too have said, they would like to see him in a Villa jersey to help us with our promotional push back into the Premier League, but I don’t know!

In the past, Joey Barton has been very kind in pointing out where he thought our problems lay when we were under Lerner’s regime. He understood the frustrations of the Villa fans and spoke very intelligently in expressing how most of us felt at that terrible time. I really appreciated his honest words.

Barton has had experience with other Championship sides in gaining promotion in the past, and this could be seen as a good reason why his services could benefit our club. But would Barton and his colourful personality actually help Aston Villa in their quest back into the big time? For me, no!

I don’t recall Steve Bruce ever managing Barton in the past and I don’t know if he’s on his radar either. I think Bruce’s managing style fits in well with the players we currently have here at the Villa, so I think it would be a mistake if Bruce were to hire him.

Bringing in a player with an arguably divisive but huge character could have an adverse affect on our current upturn in form. It’s taken Bruce and all his management skills to turn this around and I don’t think it would be wise for him to take the risk. Sorry Joey, I really appreciate your kind words when we were going through it, but I think we would be better without you.


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