Baker’s Gone But He Left Aston Villa The Correct Way

How do I feel about Nathan Baker leaving Aston Villa? Well, I’m not best pleased, and that’s because I think he will come very good one day. The first time I saw Baker play for Villa was in a cup match some years ago, and I really thought that this kid is going places, and he still might.

No one can question Baker’s commitment when playing football for Aston Villa; which should please his new club, he always gives 100%. Hopefully he can stay injury free and reach his full potential, but he might just be one of those injury prone players.

Baker could injure himself in a bouncy castle, right? At one point, I put his constant injuries down to him naturally growing as human being, but now he’s 26 and I think he shouldn’t get any bigger, so maybe not.

As far as how the transfer was conducted, I’ve no problems with the way the club dealt with him leaving (unlike some other Villa players in the past). There was no running to the newspapers saying, whatever reason as to why I must leave Aston Villa. It was as if the deal was done overnight and he’s gone, just the way I like it.

Good luck at your new club Baker, I hope you reach your full potential and can stay injury free.

3 Replies to “Baker’s Gone But He Left Aston Villa The Correct Way”

  1. He hasn’t been particularly injured for the last two years – with either City or last year with us.

    Very strong defender and should not be leaving. He should be playing in a 3 with JT and Chester!

  2. Sad to see Nathan Baker go, I’d keep him all day while throwing McCormack and Richards out of Bodymoor Heath as quickly as is humanly possible.

  3. A big mistake selling Baker we should have sold Richards and Elphick first. We have shot ourself in the foot again. Do not understand the logic. New Manager in November.

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