Why John Terry Chose Aston Villa Over West Bromwich Albion And Birmingham City

Talking to a West Bromwich Albion fan today about Villa signing John Terry, and he couldn’t understand why JT signed for the Villa over his club, I didn’t even know that they were interested in him. He really thought that Terry could still do a job in the Premier League, I agreed with him that he cloud still do a job in the top flight. But I had long worked out why I thought John Terry decided to come and play for Aston Villa and not his club or Birmingham City.

I couldn’t see Terry wanting to go to anything other than a top club in the Premier League and maybe he would have considered it, if there had been an offer, I guess there wasn’t one. I said to the baggie fan, that Terry wouldn’t want to go to a club like Stoke City or your club West Bromwich Albion just to exist, there wouldn’t be a challenge there for him. There has to be something really meaningful attached to a clubs cause for him to join, he saw it in Aston Villa.

And as far as going to America or more so China, I don’t think he would have been able to handle the harsh cultural change in regards to China. Yes, he could have made a lot more money by going to one of those countries, but he’s already a multi millionaire, and that would have been way to easy. I think that John Terry sees America and China as the final nail in his playing career, retirement! Maybe when he’s got Villa back into the Premier League, who knows what he might do then.

Why Aston Villa? Terry was never going to join Birmingham City, even if they would have offered him £200,000 per week, Aston Villa is the biggest club in the Championship, so there has to be something in that! As daft as it might seem to some, going down into the Championship represents a huge challenge to Terry. He has never been there before, so wouldn’t it be something if John Terry, under his captaincy could lead Aston Villa back into the Promised Land? Now that is a real challenge, and I believe it’s a challenge that John Terry will relishes and genuinely thinks he can accomplish. UTV 

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  1. It will take more than one player to get in the top six and this is a big slice of the budget with no guarantee. Gabby will soon get him on the blow.

    • Hopefully Terry will give Gabby a huge kick up the arse, along with a few more player. Terry alone will not get us promoted but a team united will and that’s what Terry is here for. I’d be shocked if Terry played more than 25 games this season but it all depends on his player management, his leadership skills. He loves winning and is used to winning and our team need a bit of this, the likes of McCormack and Co will surely benefit from this? If not then we are truly in the mire.

  2. I certainly wont be losing any sleep knowing he chose the Vile over us. He is way over the hill and will only manage half of the games during a season.
    I also find it hilarious that Villa fans openly admitting they disliked John Terry before there were even rumours of Terry joining the vile

  3. have to admit hes had a good career for an average c/b and is wise enough to know hes finished in the top flight

  4. Terry is a born winner n simply hates losing, hope we can bring in some experience players now such as Ruddy in goal but not Walters his goal ratio is no better than what we already have, I’d like Ledley and a couple good wingers

  5. Terry is a big player and Villa are a big club that’s why he didn’t join the blosers or the tesco boys

  6. Wow so your answer to that question in the title is “aston vile are the biggest club in the championship”. Just sums up the embarrassment that is your club and you deluded fans. You’ve not even won the most European Cups out of all the clubs in the championship.

    A pathetically written and appalling article by another vile, deluded moron. At least give a balanced reason why you think Terry joined the vile or offer some intelligent thought. Keep looking in your history books while the rest of the world live in 2017.

    I’m interested in that unique quality that Terry has that you all keep mentioning – he hates losing. What a perfect reason to bring him in, most players love losing. Top insight from the vile morons as usual

  7. Terry didn’t join Albion because he didn’t want to join a Premier League club.
    Villa are not the ‘biggest’ club. Leeds, Wednesday and Sunderland – to name but a few – are bigger clubs.
    What’s the point of having a big stadium if you are playing mickey mouse competitions ?

  8. It’s got failure written all over it,another 5 million down the drain to add to the 80 million he’s already lost
    The Doc’s a proper vile fan,always over dressing for the wrong occasion

  9. Thanks Glenn for a unique insight into the brain of John Terry, you must have got to know him incredibly well over the years to be so assured of his thought-process.

    I do find this piece amusing. Even in the pits of despair, Villa supporters can’t escape their own nauseatingly delusional sense of superiority can they?

    “When he’s got Aston Villa back into the Premier League” – you spent £80m and finished 12th, good luck with that one.

    On the plus side, he might sell a few shirts and put an extra couple of thousand on the gate, there might only be 10,000 empty seats then. Used to be a big club though…….

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