We’d Be Stupid Not To Sign John Terry

The possible signing of John Terry isn’t going down to well with some Villa fans, and some of the reasons they are giving, well, they’re quite stupid frankly. He’s going to cost us too much money and he’s too old. Some are even threatening to support another football club.

Haven’t we got one of the richest men in China as owner of our club? It’s always puzzled me why some Villa fans really get hung up on paying big money for really good players. But what about Financial Fair Play? Are you telling me, that Manchester City didn’t find a way around that loophole when their billionaire came riding in on his camel?

What the hell has age got to do with it? I think it’s pretty well established, that John Terry is very fit and hardly breaks down to injury. Steve Bruce has learnt signing older players from his former club manager Alex Ferguson. How old was Laurent Blanc when he signed for Manchester United? 103, wasn’t he?

Look, I think a signing like Terry would not only shore up our defence; he’d also chip in with a few much-needed goals. I also think his signing would do our clubs image a lot of good, I mean it would be a real shot in the arm for us. John Terry is an excellent player and if we did manage to bag him, I think we’d have a real chance of promotion.

I think we’d be really stupid if we didn’t sign him. Football players like John Terry don’t come along often, even if he is an expensive old man. So stop your moaning, and keep your fingers crossed that we get him. UTV

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  1. I agree, well almost!

    He will bring a winning mentality and be great for some of our younger players.

    Apparently, keen on finishing his coaching badges he’d be an asset.

    But Chester should remain as captain and I wouldn’t want to see Baker, who is really making the grade now, edged out.

    • I completely agree with the baker comment, but look at the niggling injuries he had throughout the season and we only had the joke that was elphick as cover, to the point we ended up using jedinak. There were also times bakers form dipped a little throughout. Someone with Terry’s experience and leadership skills, along with actually being a proper defender, will be a fantastic back up, and only help Chester and baker get even better!

      And on a side plus note, I’m lead to believe that terry is great to have around the dressing room…which is apparently the only reason we kept Richards. If he replaces that waste of space as well, what’s not to love about this signing?

  2. Terry would be a mistake, in my opinion, for these reasons:

    • He’s an age where he would be unable to withstand the rigorous nature of the league we’re in – if he plays more than 15 (full) games I’d be surprised.

    • The defence is the one area that we need minimal investment.

    • It’s a strategically regressive move – we, as a club, have worked hard to get expensive unproductive players out of the club – who is happy that Lescot and N’Zogbia aren’t around any more? This would be a step back.

    • He could be a huge asset if he’s fit enough to lead ON the pitch, but I refer you to my first point.

    Okay, let’s put the ball away I’ll move on to the man himself:

    • He has racially abused opposition players – this is a fact and I don’t want a man like this wearing the Villa badge.

    • He has had affairs with team mate’s girlfriends – hardly conducive to a positive dressing room environment.

    • I know that this sounds petty, but I think it’s an insight to the arrogance and unpleasant personality of the man – he has, I think more than once, been caught parking in a disabled space – yes, a minor indiscretion, but telling.

    • His ludicrous self-engineered last farewell game for Chelsea.

    I am a Villa fan and if he arrives at the club I love I will support the team and him, of course, if he leads us back into the PL, I’d be thrilled, but I really can’t see this happening.

    If he arrives at Villa Park I’d welcome him of course, and I’d consider it a fresh start, but I can’t help thinking that he would suit the blue nose bunch down the road better, there’s a natural fit, he’d love it there.

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