Villa’s Men Of The Match Hutton and Johnstone Stop A Wolves Massacre

The best team this evening, and to be honest, Villa didn’t deserve to get anything out this match against the Wolves, and that’s not because we were off, it’s because the Wolves played brilliantly. Full credit to the Wolves

So where do we go from here? Well it’s simple; we lick our wounds, accept the defeat and come back with a good performance against Fulham at home next week.

My Villa men of the match were, Alan Hutton and Sam Johnstone, I couldn’t separate them. If it wasn’t for these two men, it could have been an absolute massacre, so full credit goes to these two individuals.

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  1. although wolves were very good i felt it was going to be a bit of brilliance or luck that was going to be the difference and elmos slip was brilliantly preyed upon

    we have to realize we are not the finished article and to be fair to bruce he wont face 3 4 3 again for a while

    but again we sit deep and concede possession, this has to change as you just loose the ability to hurt teams as you dont have the ball and players get frustrated
    plus its crap to watch,,,,

    tonight was not the end of the world but we have a lot of work to do,,,, and as it stands my opinion is bruce must find away to address the percentage possession
    we need to start dominating teams as well as hitting on the break

    i know we have improved but im starting to think bruce is not the one for us
    my opinion might change but tonight was lost by his tactics and his inability to change it till it was too late
    all managers learn and come christmas we will know better if he is the one for us
    but bruce was poor tonight

  2. Poor is an understatement it was the most embarrassing one sided 2 0 defeat I’ve ever seen by our team ,for all his bluster about earning the right to have a go at the wolves he…..he decided it was to much of a risk and allowed us to concede the ball and play to negatively from minute one .
    Some player deserve criticism none more so than whelan . I suppose we could say that Bruce was at fault here too because he should have been taken off ten minutes into the game .this was a game for energy and desire in the middle of the park ,we had none and whelan opitamised this all game .
    Kodija for all of his goals is not a team player ,he is a one man band who needs to take a seat on the bench for the next few games .i know he’s a good finisher and can score goals but there are times where being selfless instead of selfish is going to be the better play .

    All players are allowed to have a bad game but there comes a time when the manager has to take the blame and today is one of those ……….hands up Bruce this ones on you ….

    Bruce needs to prepare better from here on in because disbite today’s result there’s still a vey good chance of promotion but it might come via the play offs because I can’t see past wolves and Sheffield United for the top two spots ,they are the best two footballering teams in this division ….

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