Unreasonable And Hysterical Villa Fans Holding The Club Back

If you could put a percentage of blame for the performances and results of the Villa players on the Villa fans, what would it be? I don’t think I’m being unreasonable in saying that 10% belongs to the Villa fans, the Villa media and bloggers, we all contribute to the actual feel and vibe that surrounds our whole club on match day.

10% is a very important contribution; maybe the most important in making the players feel like they would run through a brick wall for us. I would very much like us to change our attitude and try to get behind all the players, but we have been traumatized and adopted an unhealthy blame game over the last few years.

Villa fans like to single out players for all the problems of the club in the most terrible way, and it’s unfair. I bet there are a few former players out there if asked, would you ever go back to Aston Villa? They’d say no chance, and that’s because how the fans treated them.

Look at when Jack Grealish was the darling of Villa Park; we had a wonderful run of good games under Tim Sherwood avoiding relegation and then ending with a couple of trips to Wembley stadium, every Villa fan loved him! And when things went pear-shaped? That’s right, he was on the receiving end of some serious vile abuse on social media, and he’s supposed to be one of us!!!

We like to single out players here at Aston Villa, and now it’s the manager’s turn from some, and that only adds to the doomsday feel around the club. At the moment, the owner Dr Tony Xia the has the love of most, but like night follows day, he will see what it’s like to get some of that famous Aston Villa vile fan abuse when Villa fans have no one else to unfairly blame.

We’ve won one, and drawn three of our last four games, and we really should have won our last home match against Middlesbrough, not all best results, but they are results! We saw the response of the players after that terrible draw with Brentford, and it looked a good one to me! The much-improved performance against Middlesbrough showed me that the squad are still totally behind Steve Bruce, and that’s very important to me when making a judgment on the manager’s position.

Steve Bruce kind of said, judge me after ten or twelve games, and I went along with that, but now I’ve changed my mind. I wouldn’t make a decision on his position at our club until the end of the season, because until the fans stop getting unfairly hysterical over our recent results, we appear to still be a basket case of a club.

Steve Bruce is trying to put us on the straight and narrow, but we need that 10% of positivity that the fans can generate and give to the players and club, but I think it might be futile, because when the storm clouds gather they don’t usually disperse until someone’s head has rolled, and that’s a shame, because I still truly believe that Steve Bruce will do a very good job here at Aston Villa if given a fair chance. UTV

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  1. Keep changing the manager will get us nowhere just as the last six changes have proved. Since Mon walked out its just been change the manager change the players change the tactics and what has that achieved other than cost us millions. For Gods sake lets just steady the ship and things will take off. Fancy even considering bringing in Oscar Garcia ( wasn’t he in The Godfather ) his football claim to fame is a stint with Brighton he must know the Championship inside out mustn’t he? Once our three best players are back in free from injuries it will be onwards and upwards. Jedinak, Kodgia and Grealish have been sorely missed and with some of these youngsters Bruce is showing faith with we will get it right. In the meantime moaners stay away you ain’t helping..

    • At last an article written from an intelligent perspective. I am sick of brain deads making ridiculous comments. I have been a Villa regular for over 50 years. Those who criticise never suffered the pain of the late 1960s early 1970s.

      Any sensible successful business goes through bad times and rarely changes the management, except it is usually the directors who get the chop. I am not suggesting that in this case.

      I firmly believe we have the right individuals and should stick with them!
      If another manager is appointed he will want his own coaches and more players in January and that throws up the question of FFP yet again.

      Social media and blogging unfortunately gives a platform to moan and complain to the ill informed, illogical who simply cannot see the bigger picture. In life change does not necessarily bring success but it can also bring disaster.

      Steve Bruce is proven at this level, leave alone, concentrate on being positivity, negativity is like an untreated cancer it spreads fast. TIME TO STOP THE COMPLAINING. Patience, support and get behind the club.

  2. This is probably the most realistic, read I’ve seen for weeks. To many people for too long have been to eager to jump on the panic bandwagon. Let the men do there jobs, and give them the extra 10% they deserve..VTID

  3. Hysteria? I don’t think so. Is it hysteria to consider some of the present manager’s selections unfathomable? Consider Adomah not being selected in front of Bjarnason, playing one up front against Brentford, changing the formation to three centre halves away against Bristol City, described by Bruce as a “good performance”, accusing the players of fear away from home when he exhibits fear himself and dare I say Gabby being played or on the bench ahead of anybody. Bruce has also just stated today that he hasn’t had the opportunity yet to play two up front until this coming weekend, that suggests something very strange in his relationship with reality. I for one do not think constantly changing managers is the way forward for any club but the question remains, have we gained seven points because of Bruce or despite him? The jury may still be out and I have never booed a player myself but unlike the blogger, I don’t judge those that voice their opinions that way too harshly and while I don’t agree with their actions, I certainly appreciate why some may do so. UTV

    • The above is typical Villa fan(I wont call them supporters) the arrogance to think they know more about football and picking a team than people who have been in the game all their lives and played for and with the best in the world, a large percentage of the current crowd are the worst in the country.

      • Wow, it’s arrogance to have an opinion? Your comment shows beautifully your lack of intellect, as you seem to believe unless you have had direct experience of something, you may not comment and if you do, your opinion has no value. It’s stupidity and lack of awareness like yours that embarrasses you and others who blindly follow “the professionals” and believe without question that they know best. Sadly indicative of our education system and your lack of experience of what debate is about. I despair, I really do.

  4. This article is spot on and is an uncomfortable truth we all need to face after this awful 7 years we’ve had.The exact moment things started to go South for the club was a 0-0 at home to Wigan in either December 2008.We were in the top the top 4 at the time and absolutely battered Wigan but an incredible display from Paul Scharner and terrible luck on the day meant we dropped two points and the crowd booed the players off for the first time since the Deadly Doug days.It was the moment the optimism turned to expectation.We carried on hammering teams at home but there always that edge of discomfort from that point on and it was a big factor in us blowing the two goal lead in the decisive Stoke game months later.

  5. I also think changing the manager all the time is not the answer but Bruce now has is players and i do find some of is decisions hard to understand is decision not play adomah to play gabby as a loner who as terrible goals record against Norwich where hourihanes scored three goals and played farther forward and was creative so why do you not allow our creative players to be creative and put out attacking teams that go for the jugular

  6. Some decisions hard to fathom but you would get that with any manager. At least we have stopped conceding silly goals. Kodija will turn draws into wins

  7. Finally the light has come
    Now if the Boo Boys put a cork in it we might just have half a chance at gaining automatic promotion
    With all the boos and Bruce out nonsense we are loosing our focus so lets get behind the team

    • Does anybody know of a time that Steve Bruce has been Aston Villa manager and looked anywhere near to being successful at his job?

  8. At last Bruce has seen what I and so many others have seen. Play two up front, as I said the jury’s out he just needs to continue to show some balls. UTV!

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