They Couldn’t Score In A Brothel: Aston Villa 0-0 Crystal Palace

BrothelWe could have played all night and we still wouldn’t have scored; so what’s the problem? Yes, I can hear a lot of you screaming, ‘it’s the manager’, but Lambert isn’t going anywhere, is he? For me, Weimann, and Agbonlahor, need to be dropped to the bench; you could stick £1000 in both of their pockets and they couldn’t score in a brothel.

Grealish and any other player need to start before Gabby and Andreas Weimann in my opinion. Playing with 3 strikers isn’t working, we need width and some sort of creativity, so how about putting Jack Grealish and Charles N’Zogbia in the starting line-up? Benteke needs a rocket up his arse, really! Benteke had 3 very good chances in our last 3 matches, which he didn’t take.

Benteke could have won the match for us when we played Manchester United, if he would have tried harder to get on the end of a Bacuna cross coming towards the end of that match, then who knows. Christian also bottled a header at the end of the Sunderland match too, score that one, and we definitely would have won it. And today, he hoofed a golden opportunity over the cross-bar on 73 minutes from a Sanchez cross. Has his touch deserted him? He had the touch of an elephant today.

Lambert’s thinking on certain things needs to be questioned. His substitutions continue to baffle me; why take off Cleverly for Grealish, he should have taken off Weimann; Cleverley was having one of his better matches today and he subs him. Then Lambert made one of his world-class substitutions on 83 minutes, 83 minutes!!! Cole should have been brought on after the first 5 minutes of the start of the second half. Lambert must be living in a dream world, really!!!

And what is the point of Bodymoor Heath; if the players aren’t learning how to be better players, then this world-class training facility is going to waste. This is supposed to be a place where the Villa players practise things like, team formation, shooting, crossing and a whole lot of other things to make them better footballers, but they can’t be practising because we don’t see it on the pitch. If we don’t start scoring more goals, then we could find ourselves sleepwalking into the bottom 3 of the Premiership. For God Sake, someone please sort it out!!!

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  1. lambert hasnt a clue why keep playing non performing gabby and,wieman.we need an attacking midfielder,any fool can see that except our wonderful useless manager.he baffles me.

  2. I’m sorry to keep banging on about this, it’s Lambert’s fault !!! Until he is booted out of Villa Park with a size 9 up his ass, then thing won’t change !!! 3 years is enough for any normal businessman, but Randy Flipping Lerner is in as much of a dreamworld as Lambert is !!! I’ve almost had enough !!!

  3. I’ll get ball rolling ,today I listened to a fan of some 40years give up on all things astonvilla,no longer will this fan grace villa park after watching in his opinion is the worst villa team he has ever seen ,although I can’t agree with the worst villa team I can agree with his frustrations , when the dust settles on this season we will all look back and have a more objective view of what happened
    My own opinion is that we will survive but only just , I believe that gabby has run his corse as a villa player and nees to be move on regardless of his new contract extention ,there. May be some of you who will have a good reason to disagree but at 26 and having been a first team player for 7/8 years he has not improved in fact pace is all he has and that is not enough in today’s game if you don’t have skill and application as it’s allies he is infact a very ordinary player ,
    I’m not using him as a scape goat I am mearlly telling the truth as I see it on the exit list should also go Vlarr,zoggy,cole Richardson and of course cleverly . There’s no room for sentiment in football it’s result that count I’ve not mention lambert but we all know that he has done as much as he can 11goals in 20 games that’s eleven games with ou scoring and another unwanted record which he set last year of least amount of goals scored in a season which is coming its unavoidable .
    The other unavoidable issue is that he won’t be sacked and the transfer window is about to open , do you trust this man to carry us forward I know I don’t ………

  4. Nothing will change,unless Avfc are sold or relegated
    The only other way to bring change is bycott. Vote with you feet
    and wallet by staying away .saturday could bring Lambert his
    Next record in the FA cup.

  5. i am going to try and be fair to both sides of the argument,,,

    good,,, lambert has bought some good players with the limited funds we have
    and brought in depth to the squad with some ok free transfers
    he has made vlaar guzan clarke okore sanchez hutton delph benteke and baker all very good premiership players
    and is bringing mr grealish through, we are hard to beat, and pose a strong threat to any team we can counter against
    and possession is up dramatically,,,,we can hold the ball very very well

    bad,,, 433 is not working at home and when we are drawing, today palace just sat back and hit us on the counter, against this we dont create enough direct chances or win enough corners or freekicks with the amount of possession we are starting to have
    and players are not taking the chances that come along
    the formation relies on width from hutton and sissoko both of whom rarely pick a man out,
    gabby and winegum need a rest, there confidence is gone,, and gabby is better as an impact sub against teams like palace, esp if you are winning
    and winegum should be playing off benteke who just looks depressed and isolated

    we need to change the way we play against teams like palace, with all that possession surely we could play to win more free kicks and corners, bacuna is good at freekicks as is westwood, but all we do is play it to sissoko who generally sends over a rubbish cross
    i like sissoko,, he has made real progress in all areas except crossing,,but we still
    give the ball to him,,,

    today we could have played 442 or 451 or 352 to get the width from grealish and
    bacuna, both who cross well and have an eye for goal
    we could have had sanchez cleverly in midfeild and winegum in the hole with gabby supporting benteke,, and i cant see any reason why not to try it

    • You right the spine of the team looks good but that’s all just good not great not outstanding ,if you look at lamberts two and a half seasons the only part of the team that has improved is the defence ,if he spent as much time on fixing the engine room (midfield ) as he has the full back positions we would most defiantly be much better off ,but as you can see our lack of geativity and know how constantly let’s us down

      • daz i think the spine is very good and could get better

        the problem is 433 and playing teams that sit,, and the last 3 teams have sat, in fact its only when we have a man down the other teams attack and give us space to counter
        and no counter no goals,,,,
        i fear blackpool will be more of the same and for the first time in a while i am worried, benteke has been really poor , and we look as bad as i have ever seen going forward
        only bright sparks are bacuna and grealish

        • Your right about the formation 433 isn’t something that works for us and the past few seasons have proved this fact ,yes we don’t have the type of quality player who fits the pattern and putting all the responserbility on benteke to be our only outlet is an unrealistic tactic that’s easily rumbled ,as for teams sitting back on us this is where some one from the middle of the park has to step up and take the game to them if our boys started attacking the space behind or in between the opersition by releasing the ball quicker we might create more clear cut chances ,but as I said we don’t have that type of quality player although as a manager you should be able to bring that out of your players ,any manager worth his salt should have that about him

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