There’s An Awful Lot Of Villans Feeling Sorry For Rémi Garde, Not Me!

Feeling-SorryThere seems to be an awful lot of Villa fans feeling sorry for Rémi Garde, well you can’t help the way you feel I suppose, me how ever, I don’t feel in the slightest bit bad for him. And now according to rumour, he’s going to consider his future here at the end of the season, walk away he might! Hasn’t that happened before?

Come On!!! It’s not him that’s been suffering for the last God knows haw many years, it’s us, the Villa fans, right? I don’t doubt the intelligence of Rémi Garde, and I’m sure the fans that wanted him here and back him to the hilt, like he’s the second coming of Christ, don’t doubt it either, so don’t tell me he didn’t know what he was getting himself into!

We all know that we haven’t signed any players in this transfer window, and goodness knows we could have done with a few new faces, but in some cases, work permits weren’t granted, and even though we offered more money for another player, he chose to go to another club because their position in the league was better than ours, so the board did try to back him, right?

I believe there are many factors as to why we couldn’t get anyone into our club, imminent relegation, funds in some cases and Rémi Garde himself. Maybe after talking to him, they didn’t just get the vibe that he was the man to work under. I don’t know about you, but he doesn’t seem to have much charisma about him. Don’t forget his record in the league since he’s come to the Villa.

The board are useless everyone knows, and I don’t care to go into the reason why, as I’ve covered this area a million times before, but I do believe there will be money to spend at the end of the season. So bearing this in mind, there has to be a different approach to convincing players who currently play for the Villa, and one’s we could potentially sign at the end of the season. The board aren’t going anywhere, and if it is to be Rémi, then they’ve got to sell them an IDEA, A MASTER PLAN on how we’re going to get back into the Premiership, and they must believe this 100%, otherwise we’re stuffed!

So is he the man to do this, I don’t think he is! He’s supposedly considering his future at the end of the season, and there are many fans out there that wouldn’t blame him if he walked out on us, this is just laughable! Look, ask yourself this question Garde supporters, if Tony Pulis had been appointed as Villa manager and spoke about considering his future at the end of the season and we were in the same position as we’re in now, would you be so forgiving? I don’t think you would!

I wont walk out on my club, no way!!! I will, be getting another season ticket for me and my son and go to as many away matches as I can. And who ever is in charge of Aston Villa, I will make my feelings known if I don’t think they’re doing their job correctly. But to feel sorry for someone who hasn’t made any difference to our current situation, and knowing what he was walking into 100%, you must be joking! UTV

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  1. Agreed. Keeps playing the same formation – that does not work – and ignoring Jack. We have played well twice this year – first hour away at Leics and h2 against the Blose. Both with Jack at no. 10 and a 4-2-3-1. I can’t understand how Bacuna and Richardson earn livings as a pro, let alone get game time. Show some balls man and lest at least go down trying to play football. For me, he would be gone in the summer and get Warburton!

  2. it just goes to show you both have no idea about football
    stick to fifa lads,,,,,,

    are you seriously saying he plays grealish,,, you are deluded
    richardson came on to rest gil,, who was struggling

    bacuna has recently been much improved

    it has taken garde has time to get the best from this squad, for the past five league games the improvement in the defence and midfield has been evident

    if we had been able to score then we would be in a much stronger position

    but this squad is devoid of natural goal scorers

    everyone is goal shy

    this is why we needed a striker and a creative midfielder at the beginning of the window

    and debuchy was a good supplier and created lots of goals

    garge is a good manager,,, he just has very limited players in the last 3rd

  3. I agree , I like Garde , he has made the team a team with limited resource , we need to keep him and build with him . I though it was still possible with some re-enforcements but not now.

  4. By buying your season ticket(s) you are by your actions supporting Lerner and his cronies in their dismantling of AVFC, so keep up the good work.

  5. A season ago, on this site I predicted relegation, unfortunately it’s looking more likely with each week. That squad is probably playing at it best, right now, they will not improve much more, they simply are not good enough in every area. It’s not just a goalscorer that’s lacking, its every position. I sit, watch, don’t expect too much and then listen (as I mentioned in the past) to the away fans enjoy every game. Personally, the Championship offers a more realistic opportunity of entertainment and although the ultimate goal would be to return to the top flight, is it really worth it, unless millions are to be spent and that’s unlikely, then they’ll be back to the Championship again. Ask yourself, is it worth being in Premier League if all you do is become frustrated, dissatisfied, and boo the players at most weekends. I know it sounds downbeat but I don’t want to pay good money for opposition to turn up and breeze by us. The person I feel most disappointed with is Mr Fox, a winner with Arsenal but a dreamer at Villa. Mr Foxes comments a few months ago that he had set his sights on Villa becoming a European team within 5 years, well, its possible, but I think naive, after all, we’re going the wrong way, at least let’s steady the ship and remain in the Championship and not drop again, if we did, then you can add another 5 years on Mr Foxe’s prediction!

  6. Thanks for your comments Daveyb – you clearly are the font of all knowledge on footballing matters! 😉

    If you can justify Bacuna and Richardson’s selections then you are also a miracle worker. I am not debating that Gil was tired but a tired Gil adds more than a fresh Richardson – the guy is stealing a living. I would rather have seen Mason get a shot – hopefully part of the future and can’t be any worse.

    Of course we look better as a defensive unit, Sherwood, who had lost the plot after the first couple of games, turned us into a joke defensively and Cissokho’s return (to replace Richardson or Bacuna!! at left back) was always going to make us better defensively.

    You say I am deluded to suggest he play Grealish. Why? It would be good if you could back your point of view up with some cohesive logic or argument. But why worry with that?

    You say: “if we had scored then we would have been in a much stronger position”. Thanks for that incisive view, I really hadn’t thought about that!! Oh wait, the 4-2-3-1 with more creative players in the side, that I referred to in my first post and you chose to ignore in your response, saw us score a few goals??

    • look richardson is crap,,,, no arguments there, he is in the side as he is some sort of utility player,,,,,, he just came on to replace the defensively weak and tiring gil,,,, who i will say looks much improved
      this was not the game to blood mason,,,, if you dont understand why
      then that is very scary

      bacuna is a player who should be doing better,,, he has good all round footballing abilities but for some reason his crosses and passing are just not up to the level we need… and frustratingly he has the ability,, he proved that last season with all the assists for benteke

      recently he has put in some good/better performances,,,, when he plays in midfield i think he is the only one capable of scoring,,, but again he needs to do more

      personally i think the richards bacuna combination on the right could be
      a really strong combination given time
      and he puts a shift in,,,,,,

      but i understand your feelings towards him,, i too have been disappointed with him this year, i just hope he can become the player i think he can be

      as to grealish,,,, at the moment he is crap,,, end off story

      4231,,,,,, dont make me laff,, we are not Barcelona,,, we just dont have the players to play it,,

      and this brings me to what you dont understand,, 4 3 3 or 4321 at the moment plays to the teams strengths, and we are stronger as a team for playing it
      and we can control the midfield , coupled with the improved defence there is
      a team emerging that defends well and works hard and has not been over run
      this stopped a lot of the disastrous mistakes and given the team a bit of confidence
      we just need to score goals,,,,,, thats why not betting a decent forward and
      the midfielder he wanted is such a disaster

      we are goal shy,,, even mr grealish and his prolific goal scoring record
      cant help us with this

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