The Two Main Reasons Why We Didn’t Win Yesterday

There were two main reasons why we didn’t win yesterdays game, the first reason and it was the most obvious one was, the host of missed chances created in the first half. Gabby had two brilliant chances in the game and he scored with one of them, so no fault lies with him, in fact, his overall performance was very good. But we need to convert more, if we’re to get wins rather than draws.

Hogan and Lansbury had eight chances between them, and I believe if they had converted just one of them, we would have won 2-1. Lansbury had a lot of good opportunities to score goals, but for some reason he couldn’t get his foot wrapped around the ball and get a meaningful shot on target.

I wish Scott Hogan would stop trying to bump, nudge and purposely back into the opposition players all the time. I know he’s not the tallest, and challenging for the aerial balls can be difficult for him, but actually try going for the ball rather than the player once in a while. Oh yeah, and convert some of those chances will you!

The second main reason for us not winning yesterday was, Steve Bruce keeping Leandro Bacuna on the field of play for longer than he should have. The match yesterday wasn’t a bad match at all and many positives can be taken from it, but Bacuna was the weak link in that performance, in fact he stunk the place out!

I like Steve, and I think he is the right man for the Villa job, but he needs to recognise that if one of his players is having a mare, then he needs to get their carcass off, and quick. UTV

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  1. Spot on summary. In fact it appears to me that Bacuna should have been tracking back on the goal we conceded.

  2. Henri Landsbury. Awful. Crosses, set pieces, rubbish struggle to see what he offers at all apart from resembling an ASOS catalogue model. Liked Whelan good team disrupter had a couple of dodgy moments but head and shoulders above what we put on the field. Bacuna doenst want to be there so flog him. Could do with another striker but same old problems persist we cannot kill teams off and as the game goes on villa park increases in tension and that gets on the pitch and before we know it its 1-1 and everyone is expecting the predictable AVFC colly wobbles and collapse. We need to batter Colchester and hope it springs some confidence into next game. Too early to call the season yet but same old same old comes to mind.

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