Steve Bruce Can Turn It Around, But He Needs To Do This

I think Steve Bruce is trying too hard that he can’t think straight. What is it that made Bruce such an effective manager in the Championship before he came here? I believe it was his self-belief, which has now turned to self-doubt, which is now affecting his decision-making. When he managed sides in the past, making strong decisions and believing in them was one of his strongest points, he needs to get back to this way of thinking and start believing in himself once again.

Most Villa fans gave Bruce a free pass when he joined Aston Villa a quarter of the way through last season, and he knew it! With knew additions added to his squad, he really should have known in his mind what players he should be selecting for his first team to compete. But coming to a club like Aston Villa, whose owner and fans have huge unrealistic expectations, have only added to his self-doubt, and he needs to snap out of it quick.

I still believe that Steve Bruce will get it right here at Aston Villa, but he needs to take no notice of the Doctors tweets, which does affect him, the fans trying to pick his team every game, journalists and bloggers criticising him fairly or unfairly. It’s nice to be popular Steve, and you want to please everyone, but it’s your head that is on the chopping block, and the axe is very close if you were to listen to the fans. So my advice is, go back to being decisive, and stick with what you think is the right thing to do to win games.

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