Sack Him, Fire Him, Dismiss Him!!! What’s Negative About That?

You're sackedWhy are there a lot of people out there who have got a hang up about sacking a manager of a football club? Yes, clubs going down the Tottenham Hotspur route probably isn’t the way to go, but that might be more to do with the owner and the CEO’s characters of that club as they already had a very good manager in Harry Redknapp.

I wouldn’t like to sack the manager of a football club without giving him a fair crack of the whip, but once he’s had that chance, or if it’s obvious that he’s not up to the job, whether he’s been there 5 minutes or 5 years, then his ass has to go! Only in extreme cases should you go down the Spurs route, and that’s only if you stupidly pick the wrong guy to manage your club all the time.

I think the way Dave Whelan has wielded the axe at Wigan since Roberto Martinez went to Everton, is a good example on how you keep sacking until you get the right man at your club. But if you have an owner and CEO like Randy Lerner and Tom Fox making these decisions at your club, then you’re going to be in a spot of bother. They must be the only people in the whole wide world who can’t see that Lambert and Keane need to go.

But isn’t it funny how some people out there, who seem to have a campaign to get the likes of Arsen Wenger (Adrian Dhuram) sacked, then overlook the shortcomings of an incompetent manager like Lambert. I guess a man who’s won League titles, FA Cups, League Cups and constantly gives their fans Champions League football is more worthy of the sack than a man who’s taking a once mighty club on a one way ticket to palookaville.

So don’t let anyone tell us that sacking someone can’t actually be a positive thing. Our club needs an enema, as it is rotten on the inside!!! ‘So please bend over Aston Villa, this won’t hurt’. UTV

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  1. Even if Lambert loses the next four matches
    He knows, lerner won’t change ,as long as
    He avoids relegation. Unless the fans really rebel
    With Banners ,abuse, massive falloff in gates etc
    Lambert can smirk and drone all he wants.
    The tides turned,but the volcanoes needs awakening

  2. If you display banners showing dissent they are removed and if you shout anything that the stewards don’t like you are removed. Perhaps why all those empty seats are showing up, have those fans been thrown out? Lose to Burnley WBA and Leicester and I would have thought Lambert and Keane would join Lord Lucan and hide in the States.

  3. Instead of just saying “sack him” why not try a positive approach and make a suggestion of who could do a better job on the finances that are available ?

  4. And there are still clowns that argue a case for him fucking sheep, the happy clappers. Our club is in a dire fucking mess and Bruce uses finances as an argument to support Lambert. Eh Bruce what fucking kind of budget do you recon Bradford, Millwall, Sheffield Utd and Orient have had. Over 2 years of abject dire football, a team that doesn’t have shots let alone score goals, a team that is the worst in professional English football at everything from possession, shots, goals etc etc etc and you try and defend it FUCK OFF you clown!!! What chance have we got with fans like you we’ve got no fucking chance!!!!

    Apologies to all the sane people out there for my language but sometimes i get a tad passionate when conversing with the brain dead!!!

    • Jinksy you are spot on, i live in OZ and watch the villa every live game. My missus who is a scouse reckons i am a fuckwit ( shes right ) Unfortunately both my boys are Villa fans and seeing as i will be over there on the 5th taking a couple of gamaes in ( first time for 18 years ) i dont think they will be to impressed.

  5. He’s had enough time to sort it out. I dont think the squad is that bad. There are decent managers out there that can get the team to attack more and pass better.
    By the way he has recalled robinson from PNE. That boy has lost his way! How dare he goes and scores goals! He should be learning to come back and defend after hes given the ball to the opposition!

  6. If Lambert’s brought Robinson back to actually play in the first team, how long do you think Grealish will put up with still just watching from the bench or the stands?

  7. Christmas is coming Jinksy. I can see that you didn’t get what you wanted already and are throwing your toys out of the pram.

    Suggest an alternative on this budget instead of just ranting because we’re not top of the table.

  8. I’m winding myself up by saying this but just look at Southampton’s example. Everyone thought they were doomed after Liverpool poached their supposed best players and Spurs had their manager. Lo and behold they appoint a charismatic and talented coach who improves on last year with a bunch of largely unknown players.
    I don’t know the full details of the finances but the bottom line is that Birmingham happens to be the second largest city in this country and Villa have a large fan base beyond the city limits. Simple economics dictate if you have money coming in you have money to spend. The away section was practically empty on Monday – no disrespect to saints but they have a much smaller fanbase than the Villa but seem to be managing ok.
    We have all been brainwashed about the “quality” of the Premier League and our place within it. This is just an excuse for boring, 1970’s German style, backwards and sideways possession (or lack of it) play.
    The Villa need a Saunders type who can inspire a bunch of average players to their personal best while playing a more direct and attacking game in the traditional English style.
    Another thing we need to do is to shift the away fans section from underneath the TV gantry as its bad for morale to appear to be outsung as well as outplayed every match.
    We are on the brink dear friends and once we drop we will be another Coventry.
    Urgent action required – Lambert has to go now!

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