My Brad Night’s Sleep

sleepI had a really bad nights sleep last night, so much so, I got out of bed at 5. I can’t tell you how much that defeat robbed me of a good nights sleep, and it was all down to one man.

Someone on Twitter last night put out a tweet that I agreed with, and it was that there is no room for sentiment in the game of football, especially at the level Aston Villa are playing in. Could Shay Given come in and do a better job if Sherrwood was to give him the nod? I think he could!

For me, Guzan has been our weakest link in our revival under Tim Sherwood, yes he has made saves in past games, but isn’t that what a goalkeeper is supposed to do? Making saves is what a goalkeeper gets paid for, not making ghastly mistakes which gifted City an early goal!!! I can honestly say, I can’t remember when Guzan made a real defining save for us! Please someone point out to me when he did because I can’t remember.

Let’s fast forward to the FA Cup final, and let’s say that we’ve secured our Premiership status and Tim Sherwood puts our number one goalie in between the sticks, would you be happy that Given got dropped to the bench? I wouldn’t! Watching Given play in our FA Cup adventure has reminded me of what a good goalkeeper he is, and for me, I think would do a better job than Guzan. Sorry Brad.

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  1. Guzan made a costly mistake last night but in fairness he doesn’t make many ,but he wasn’t the only one last night to make mistakes . Richardson was poor for the first half an hour he seemed to have set the tone for the whole team ,but once they settled down looked the better of both teams ,it was our defending iwhich cost us in the end the wall should never have split (Richardson ) for the free kick and some one any one from the defense or mid field should have closed down there player for the third in stead of everyone trying to defend the goal line ,but and its a big but if we’d have been on our game for the full ninty we could have come away with a point we played some great football out there and should feel confident of getting atleast 3 more points to gain us safety ………..on the down side of this we can’t wait for other teams to screw up to gain safety its in our own hand but games are running out …………….just to finish on one last thing ,we do need a new keeper for next season given is getting to old and Guzan to comfortable in being number one we know Richardson cole senderous will be gone in the summer maybe even sissoko follow that up with cleverly and Westwood you can see how big a job it is just to rebuild ………the reality is that even Sherwood himself may not be in charge if or when the club is sold . Let’s hop he gets a fair crack at it next season

  2. Sherwood has already said that he’s happy to have former Villa players back at Villa Park if they have something to offer. We could do with Larson and/or Mellberg back immediately as defensive coaches, especially as our current woefully inadequate defence is the one we’re stuck with until the end of the season.

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