Keinan Davis Will Be A Superstar While Steve Bruce And Villa Enjoyed An Away Win Today

My my, unbeaten in six with two wins and three clean sheets!!! Let’s not mention Steve Bruce showing faith in the youth of Villa, Keinan Davis. I’m so pleased for everyone related to Aston Villa, the players and the fans, but most of all Steve Bruce. The pressure that man must have been under lately must have been mind boggling to him, considering we haven’t lost in six. Hopefully things will calm down for a while and we can enjoy this brilliant away win.

Villa didn’t have it all their way though. The 0-3 win for the Villa didn’t tell the whole story I believe. Barnsley had the bulk of possession and they looked threatening with it, but a lack of shots on target and Villa’s counter attacking game working very well, Barnsley didn’t really have a plan-b to try and find another way back into todays match.

My man of the match today was Keinan Davis. This flaming kid has it all, and he’s only nineteen!!! He bullied the Barnsley defence, he held on to the ball when it was played into his feet. He showed great vision when passing the ball to his attacking teammates, and to top it off, the dam kid scored a brilliant goal! I’m in love with this kid!!! I think he has it all and I’m saying right here right now, he is going to be an Aston Villa superstar, and you know something else, you can thank Steve Bruce for that! UTV

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