John Terry Didn’t Turn Into Garbage Just Because He Came Here To Aston Villa

The loss of John Terry with a broken foot could be a real problem for Aston Villa going forward for the remainder of this season, especially if you go by the response of the Villa fans on social media. The reaction of the Villa faithful was one of doom and gloom, which is quite funny, since many of the Villa fans were worried about us signing him up in the first place.

Which leads me to something else. I’ve heard it said many times, and I’m sure some of you might even have stated it yourselves, that when we bring in a new player to Villa, they somehow turn into a terrible footballer, and it’s just because they came here to Aston Villa! Now, I don’t know about you, but I seriously doubt that they, or you, really believe that! It just seems that way, right?

The reality is, Villa have been signing mediocre players for a long ass time, but that doesn’t mean that they’re all crap footballers and can’t form some sort of team spirit and game plan to win a game! Hell, some develop into very good, even excellent players, but they catch the eye of some other football club and get sold on, right? That’s been the Villa way for a long time, and Martin O’Neal tried to change the philosophy of our club many years ago, but to no avail.

The real reason why Villa fans are fretting about the loss of John Terry is? Because John Terry is a ten out of ten top top top footballer that chose to come to Aston Villa! We were very lucky to get him in the firs place, and now, he’s out injured and we now know that we’re going to miss him badly. So no more that Aston Villa players somehow turn into garbage. How about we sign some real quality players in the first place. UTV

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