John Terry Didn’t Sign For Aston Villa, He Signed For Steve Bruce

Listening to Steve Bruce giving an interview to talksport the other day, reminds me how much our club needs him at this point of our recovery. Bruce has an assured calmness when he talks, and mostly says the right things in all footballing situations. We at Aston Villa are very lucky to have him.

But not all Villa fans are going to be happy about who Bruce signs, it’s impossible, but not all managers could get John Terry to sign on the dotted line. Do you think for one moment Rémi Garde could have got Terry to sign for us if he was still in charge? No way, Jose! Or should I say, no way, Rémi!

John Terry didn’t sign for Aston Villa, he signed for Steve Bruce. Having great training facilities, a world-class stadium and even a distant history, doesn’t make you a big club; it’s the people who manage and play for it. Terry admired Bruce in his playing days, so we should mostly thank Bruce for the Terry signing which elevated our club back to big club status, but with that comes huge expectations.

Last season I hardly wrote anything on my blog, and if I’m honest, a lot of the Villa stuffing was knocked out of me because of the previous five years before our relegation. I was going to give whomever a free pass to try to get things right, but now we have John Terry, and he is currently making our club big again.

Being a big club again, makes everyone fair game at Aston Villa this season. If big John Terry doesn’t perform like I think he should, then I’m going to say so. If Steve Bruce doesn’t, or makes a bad substitution, then I’m going to let him know about it through my blog, I will not be negative when expressing my opinion on these things, I’ll be honest. UTV.

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