Joe Hart To Sign For Aston Villa?

Talking about potential players signing for Aston Villa last week with a fellow Villa fan, and he said, which was news to me, that Villa might make an audacious attempt to get Joe Hart in at our football club.

Most of our talk was about the potential signing of John Terry, which I genuinely thought we had a chance of signing him, so when he threw Joe Hart into the equation, I wasn’t really having any of that.

But today, Joe Hart has a 4/1 chance of signing for Aston Villa according to Sky Bet. Could or would he come to Aston Villa? Will we pay the reported £15m asking price that Manchester City would want for him? Or maybe we could get him on loan.

I personally think we don’t have much of a chance of signing him. I think Villa’s situation possibly falls just a little short of what he might find acceptable in taking a backward step. But who knows, anything is possible. What do you think?

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  1. I still think Sam Johnstone is the way forward in the long-term.

    Hart’s wage demands would be prohibitive and I’m not sure he’d be content dropping to the Championship – Burton away when he could and should be gracing Premier League stadiums.

    Maybe if and when we get promoted then it may become a reality but not now.

    We need other players first if we are to build a title-winning squad.

  2. Most realistic option is Ruddy, however if we are looking to the future Timo Horn. Just as important, I hope we get to see what young prospect Sarkic can do.

  3. How amazing would it be. When I first saw the report suggesting Terry to Villa and we seen the pictures of him playing golf with SB in Portugal. I though ‘Yeh right, we wish!’ I quickly dismissed it as poor journalism. Then to reality and yes it has happened. I’ve never felt this excited since Martin ONeill was announced.

    To get Hart would send serious statements of what the Dr intends with his dream of making us no1 in the world, long term. However, the practicalities may very well prevent any Hart deal. We have competition from PL teams, Financial Fair Play to consider, Ruddy may a more suitable option. One keeper I think would be excellent would be the NI keeper Michael McGovern

  4. Gasp of Jt coming to the villa. . Negative feedback on Joe Hart.. HELLO why not.???? We are a massive club with heritage and silverware.. We are one of the bigboy clubs .. We hit our bad luck days under Randy Learner but we’re on our way back to the big league. Aston Villa 1874 ( creator’s of the football league) utv 1982 1874 B6 vtid

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