Good Luck Amavi But He Won’t Be Missed

Good luck Jordan with your move to Sevilla, I hope everything turns out alright for you. When we signed Jordan back in 2015 and watching him perform in the early part of his Villa career, I think a lot of Villa fans including myself thought we got ourselves a top player, what we actually got, was an ok player.

Jordan was bought as a left-back, but he also played on the left-wing. For me and if I’m honest, other than the occasional brilliant left cross into the opposition box, there was nothing else too memorable about him, which makes me believe that a supposed £25m bid for him by Liverpool last year, was a load of old rubbish.

Who knows, Jordan may turn out to be a top player for Sevilla. A different country, a different club, a different culture and people can be all the difference from being a mediocre to becoming a good one. Either way, there are no hard feelings from me that he is leaving the best club in the world. UTV

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