From Villa’s Worst Manager Ever, Rémi Garde! To Villa’s Best Manager Since Martin O’Neill

Steve Bruce is the best manager we’ve had since Martin O’Neill. When we were without a manager and searching for a new man charged with getting Aston Villa back into the big time, the last man I would have chosen to take over the reigns of our club from the stand in manager Eric Black, was Steve Bruce, and that was only because he’d once managed Birmingham City.

It doesn’t matter who is in-charge of our club, because once he’s been named the Villa manager, I will always get on with supporting our football club. But I thought once we’d hit a little blip, the usual Villa virtue signallers would get on his back, and bring up the fact that he’d once managed the Blues, but to be fair to the majority of the fans, they haven’t.

Since social media has taken off in a big way, so has people’s outrage. Steve Bruce on occasion has seen the hysterical side of the Villa fans miss placed anger, and he rightly called out their hysteria. Bruce is really doing a fine job, and I actually feel grateful that we’ve got a man of his experience at our football club, especially after we had appointed a string of terrible managers, including the worst manager in Villa’s history, Rémi Garde.

Whelan, who I believe is on the cusp of some Villa fans hatred, hasn’t put a foot wrong since he’s been here really. I’ve kept a keen eye on him, and I now realise how important his experience has been to our revival this season, and we’re going to need him going forward, so I think some of you ought to back off and actually get behind him.

Bruce’s starting line up for the Preston game last night was spot on, even when the mini hysteria of some of the Villa virtue signallers thought he’d chosen the worst side in Villa’s history before the game. Alan Hutton and Glenn Whelan, who rarely give less than 100%, were the stand out players for me last night, even though many other Villa players had played quite brilliantly. Let’s hope for many more football matches like last night game and try to improve out attitude going forward. UTV

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  1. Great post, for me Whelan is similar to Petrov, I remember fans around me alway slagging Petrov off but he always efficient in retaining the ball and keeping play moving. It was never good on the eye so a lot of fans at the time moaned which is the same to Whelan now, I think his playing well and is what we’ve been missing, apart from the wolves game he has been great. I’d rather Whelan than Jedinek at the moment, Jedinek seems full of mistakes but because his got a beard us villa fans don’t seem to notice. As for Bruce best man for the job but a couple of defeats and the boo boys would be back, it’s just the fans way.

  2. Bruce’s is a good manager, but he’s still a Bluenose. He’ll be professional, but with Blues he was professional and had passion.

    Don’t kid yourselves though Bruce is a good Championship manager but he’s not going to get you anywhere in the Premiership.

    The best you can do is get back up under Bruce then ditch him.

    • Bruce in the premiership never had a club like Aston Villa he was always operating in the £ shop clubs – with the right funding and support from board, players and fans he will do fine in the premiership

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