For Sale!!! The Villa Blogger Website

I’m thinking about selling my Blog. If anyone out there fancies a chance at running and owning a Villa Blog and make me a realistic offer, then this could be your opportunity, and I’d definitely consider it. My twitter account would also accompany my website, ciao twitter.

I’ve not been that prolific a blogger for the last couple of years, but our last season in the Premier League, I done nothing but blog, by my standards anyways.

My blog made close to ***** ** ****** through advertising, and I could have made more, so there is money to be made at blogging. But to be honest, it’s not always about the money when it comes to Villa for me.

But that doesn’t mean I’d let it go for nothing. Contact me through my contact form on my website if you’re interested, no bloody time wasters or tyre kickers need apply thank you ha ha. UTV

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