Don’t Ever Do That Again Conor!!!

There was a moment in the second half when Conor Hourihane had a brilliant chance to make it 3-1 and then probably see off the rest of the match without the usual stress of hanging on. We all love Jonathan Kodjia at the Villa and want him to score lots of goals, but the end result is more important to the Villa cause rather than your teammates confidence.

Anyways, I’m not having a go at you Conor, but the next time you get a wonderful chance to put your boot laces through the football ball and then possibly score the winning goal, then do so man! And it was on your left as well! It wasn’t as if Kodjia was having a bad match, in fact, everyone on the field of play today played very well, except for Keinan Davis unfortunately. I don’t know if he’s coming back of an injury or something, but he just wasn’t at the races today, so I’ll leave it at that.

John Terry scored his first goal for the Villa today, well done son! Just outside the Villa box Terry had got himself on the ball as he was approaching the centre circle, and you could clearly hear the Fulham fans boo him loudly. A minute or so later, he put it in the back of the net, and then proceeded to give it back to the Fulham fans. I got no problem with that! But the man in the black had to have a word in his ear about it. Let’s try not to knock all the fun out of football hey!

But my man of the match today was Sam Johnstone. He made a game winning save directly after Hourihane should have scored for us, and for that one save, I made him my man of the match. Like I said, everyone played very well today and the match was very enjoyable. But I must give huge credit to Alan Hutton for filling in for Neil Taylor at left back. El Mohamdy seems to have replaced Hutton at right back, and one thing you can count on Hutton for is? Not feeling sorry for himself and just getting on with it, well done Al.


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  1. Oh yes, this venture.
    Anything to do with playing the stock market, per chance?
    CFDs or Spreadbetting?
    Both are a mug’s game, with reports showing an average 80+% chance of losing.
    I really hope you aren’t going to stoop that low.

  2. Great win despite Bruce’s subs again. Well done everyone, especially Johnstone for that save and Adomah who oozes class at the moment. Special mention for Whelan who was almost perfect apart from giving away that free kick and his positional play and unselfish efforts of course will have been missed and unappreciated by the ignorant once again but I for run appreciate it as a true football fan. UTV!

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  4. By the way, I was at yesterday’s game. Great win, even if some of the team really don’t seem to have an appetite for it. I like what Obomah can do but he looks incredibly lazy sometimes, as does Davis. Whelan is an odd one too. He, by all acounts, should be perfect for this league but incredibly doesnt seem up to it. He gifted them their goal too. And I don’t care what the official stats said, Fulham were a poor side yesterday and we should not have been hanging on at the end. And, whilst I like Elmo, I’m not convinced with him at the back. Always a lot of space that side for the opposition when he plays. Prefer him in midfield where he can create and cross. Snodgrass also looked tired and out of puff, which is odd, cause he can do good things when on his game too. Still we won, the game was entertaining to watch, and JT even scored. UTV!

  5. Well played Johnstone just the kind of keeper we’ve needed for a long time. If Man Utd are really serious about Davies well we want their keeper and they want
    Davies no brainer really. Forget Arsenal and Everton lets get what we want out of the deal. .

  6. Johnstone is turning into a real top keeper just what we need. Davies seems to be interesting Man Utd so its a no brainer, swap on next summer. We would get nothing out of a deal with Arsenal or Everton so lets get what we want while we can.

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