Dire Deceitful Despicable Delph

delph man citySo Delph has gone and I feel like I’ve been kicked in the gut. I was convinced he was going to stay and that he was different, but I guess some things never change here at the Villa. The terrible cycle continues of players leaving us as soon as they come good, which keeps putting us back to square one. It really amazes me when Villa fans give their blessing for our best players to leave our club; for me, it feels like the ultimate betrayal. Just remember this, if you leave my club, you wont be getting a pat on the back or wishes of good luck from me, you are now the enemy.

I love Villa, but we’re pathetic! It makes me sick to the core when I hear people say we’re a big club, well if we’re this so called big club, why do players want to leave us all the flipping time? Yes we have got a history to be proud of, but I stopped living off those memories years ago. It hasn’t been a good day for a lot of reasons for me, but the Delph betrayal was the cherry on the top and I actually feel quite depressed now. God knows when we’ll get some consistent good news at the Villa, but I fear things are going to get worse with maybe one more player set to leave us, and he can go and get stuffed too. UTV

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  1. Villa need to act quickly and find a proven goal scoring midfielder now and perhaps a decent striker too. The sooner the better. How good was Delph really!! In a poor Villa side he always had a chance to shine. Can’t see him have the same success at city.

  2. Get over it. Been a Villan for 43 years and have seen it all. Players come and players go!!
    Lets focus on the extra money in the transfer market we have.
    We have a replacement for Delph in Gueye. Sanchez will have a bigger role. We have a better defender come in, Richards, than Vlaar who has left. Amavi is supposed to sign shortly. A couple of Forwards and wide players and I would be more than happy.

  3. Cant believe Delph has jeopardised his chance for England by leaving a guaranteed start for part time football at MCFC. Be quite ironic is he misses out on Euro’s but the suppose he can count his pieces of silver over & over.
    Stupid Boy

  4. Cant believe Delph has jeopardised his chance for England by leaving a guaranteed start for part time football at MCFC. Be quite ironic if he misses out on Euro’s but then i suppose he can count his pieces of silver over & over & over!
    Stupid Boy

  5. The club will pick it self up, shake it self down, and move on. It always does.

    Are we surprised that any player with ambition wants to hit the exit door? Over the last five years we’ve hardly given out the message that we want to compete, indeed we are damn lucky to still call ourselves a premier league team.

    We’ve allowed our better players to leave, and filled the squad with distinctly average replacements.

    Benteke and Delph clearly don’t see better times ahead, don’t want to be at the club, so surely for all concerned are better off hitting the road.

    Hopefully T.S. will be given the bulk of the incoming cash allowing him to bring in the genuine quality needed, to begin the long haul back to where we were when O’Neill walked out on us.

    Right now things look pretty grim, but we’ve faced these set-backs before, when more often than not, we’ve come out stronger for the experience.

    Over to you Tim. Bring some quality into the club. New faces that actually want to be here.

  6. So Delphoney has quit. He has really twisted the knife this time.
    Cruel, calculating, and dishonourable . There appears to be no integrity in the modern game.The love affair is over and the bitterness tastes foul. Away with you rascal and remember that you will rise to the level of your own incompetence in your new abode.

  7. These players are easily replaceable, Villa are on a better path, the backroom staff are now stronger, wiser, and more influential in the football world. Villa are building from the back, through to better player acquisitions. Look at it from another viewpoint, Villa are bringing in quality, some players who looked good in a poor team are bound to jump ship. Delph is a decent midfielder, but not brilliant, its my guess he’ll look decidedly average at City. As with all modern players, loyalty is lost and fans across the country have come to expect this at all clubs (Gerard an exception). If we sign half of the players we have been linked with then the club will be fine. Sherwood, Fox, and Henrik are not the type of people to accept average, they are used to success.

  8. Greedy, deceitful 2 faced PRICK!! Over rated injury prone lightweight who will get found out at Man City. Bought to make up numbers of English players. Hope he ends up at Small Heath after his career goes down the pan at City.

  9. I can fully understand where you are coming from Glenn, but the fact is when you are offered double your current salary, with the opportunity to challenge for league titles, cups & play in europe every year, they are not going to turn it down.

    The Delph situation is farcical, he would have been far better off just leaving straight away. Instead he has ridiculed us as a club, us as supporters & himself as a individual. He should be made to pay for all of those supporters who bought his shirt & pay for the re advertising of the kit without him being on it.

  10. I have tried to put aside my personal feelings this is football after all, but have to admit to feelings of rejection regarding fabian delph. On learning he had signed for man city, I sat open mouthed for a while then a famous quote came to mind “you dirty rat” he could have left a hero like it or not but he did work hard for villa most games. When the big clubs come calling its hard to turn them down, however we will have the best laugh of all when delphs backside leaves a permenant imprint on the man city bench! What is unforgivable most of all, is his dispicable attempt to land micah richards in the shit for saying , he encouraged him to move to city. Not a good week for villa fans losing bentenke this week too, dont blame villa management its the sneaky way big clubs operate, 8 million for delph is an insult and man city must be laughing thier heads off at such a cheap bargain oh well, it will never change all teams rip other teams off there is very little loyalty in the premiere league we will survive up the villa . We know how to find talent and our tim sherwood will have it covered GO TIM.

  11. I wonder if Delph will come off with a ‘ slight knock’ at home to Norwich on October 31st, rendering him ‘injured’ for his return to villa park. might just have a little bet on that one

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