A Must Win Game Today

For anyone to suggest that this is a ‘must win game’ today against Cardiff City, well, they’re just deluded. There comes a point in any football season when the ‘must win game’ can be appropriately used, and to suggest that now is the time that Aston Villa can use that card, is mischief-making.

Hell, I want to win every football game a going, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be disappointed if I feel we should have won the game today. My disappointment will be expressed through my blog, and I will outline the main reasons why, if I think we don’t get what we deserve. I might criticise the manager and the team, but that doesn’t mean I want the manager sacked and that the next game we play should be a ‘must win game’ so early in the season.

As far as today’s game goes, we do need to get our season going today. Our last two competitive matches have shown glimpses of what can be achieved, but our consistency in matches needs to be more consistent through the ninety minutes, and I’m talking about when we’re playing well.

So let’s try and be consistent if we’re playing well, and if we’re not, let’s fight our way to some good consistency to get the best result we can today if we’re playing bad. Having said that, I expect nothing less than a draw ha ha. UTV

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