A Good Transfer Window For The Villa?

good or badIs it a good transfer window for the Villa? Scott Sinclair signed for us yesterday for the rest of the season on loan, and Carles Gil signed on the dotted line in a £3.2 million deal for four-and-a-half-years a few weeks ago. Gil has scored against Bournemouth in the FA Cup and came on in the second half when we lost to Liverpool. Gil looked very good in both games.

Scott Sinclair is the loan-meister-general of the football league. When he was at Chelsea, the young lad was loaned out to 6 different football clubs, including Birmingham City. Swansea saw something in the lad and signed him on a permanent deal; this is where Sinclair flourished as a player that saw him eventually sign for Manchester City.

Sinclair’s time at Manchester City has been a disaster, with only 3 starts for the football club. Similar to his time at Chelsea, Scott has found himself being loaned out again, with a spell at West Brom, and now here at the Villa for the rest of the season. Time will only tell if the young lad will be a success here at Villa, but the evidence doesn’t look very good.

Villa is back to the bread and butter of football on Sunday when we play Arsenal at the Emirates in the Premiership. If it is to be a good transfer window for me, then it has to be reflected in our league form that has been shocking this season. Still without a goal in our last 8 league outings, Villa’s new signings need to turn our fortunes around, as that is what they have been signed for. Gil is a good player and Sinclair has lost his confidence, but hopefully he can find it here at the Villa to turn our form around in the league.

If we stay in the Premiership this season, then it’s been a good transfer window, and if we don’t, then you know the answer, but time will only tell. UTV

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  1. Would like to see another striker signed, this is vital
    ForAvfc. If villa survive, the drop, then LAMBERT must
    Be replaced by a quality manager, three seasons of
    Failure means he must go.

    • When will some villa fans realise that we’ve been average for many many years before lambert and changing the manager is not the solution. What have we won to be proud of in the last 30 years after winning the European cup ? Since then we’ve had many managers Atkinson Gregory little. O Leary o Neil MacLeish Taylor and others and what success (winning things) have we had ? ..lambert is a good manager who is trying a different approach, which is not spending ridiculous amounts of money occasionally to shut the fans up ( bent for eg ) ..he is trying to build a team that works and it’s trial and error. I’m a season ticket supporter and villa seem to be playing good football dominating possession against many teams but lack penetration from midfield and creating gal scoring chances.He has addressed this issue hopefully recently with Gill and Sinclair .who had heard of vlaar, benteke from genk, Gill before villa ? Now Man U Chelsea Liverpool etc are sniffing around. Delphi was poor before lambert and now is breaking into eng squad. lay off lambert and be realistic some of you .

  2. FFS. Keeping a mediocre team in the Premier League while spending no money is anything but failure. Too many Villa fans have got a fantasy league managers mindset. This is reality. We are where we are. Our record signing under Lambert – Benteke for £7million. Would that figure set hearts racing at any other Premier League club?

    The football has been poor but it’s a case of needs must. Lambert has only success as a manager, and yes I do count keeping up a success. Lerner is finally giving him some money to spend as the expensive contracts of Bent and the rest come to an end. This is the test. What will Lambert do with the resources he will have next season? He has stopped us shipping goals, maybe with a better class of player, he can get us scoring them?

    A dose of reality wouldn’t hurt for many Villa posters.

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